A Precursor Set Enumeration Tool

Under construction

SASITA is a tool for exhaustive enumeration of minimal precursor sets in metabolic networks.
It is coded in Java and available as a free software under the CeCILL license.
The last version (available below) depends upon IBM CPLEX (comercial license), but we are working on a version based on SCIP (open source and free for academic use) to be available soon.


Here you can find the version of Sasita used for the experiments of our paper "Fast enumeration of minimal stoichiometric precursor sets in metabolic networks".
The included jar contains the JDOM and JSBML libraries needed by Sasita code.
Nevertheless, you still need to have CPLEX installed in your machine and need to have a license for running it in order to run this version of Sasita.

Download Sasita v.1.0.3 Download Sasita v.1.0.3Download Sasita v.1.0.3


Before running Sasita, first you need to install Java (version 1.7 or higher) and IBM CPLEX (version 12.5.1 or higher).
Next step is to download SASITA from the link above and uncompress the downloaded file.
Then edit the file run_example.sh that comes with SASITA and set the two following variables according to your IBM CPLEX installation:
The first one should point to the directory where your libcplex.so is installed and the second one should point to yout cplex.jar file.

Now you can run our example by typing ./run_example.sh .
You can also customize this file in order to suit your needs/solve your own instances.

Source code

Sasita source code is freely availabe and you can download it below.

Download Sasita source code (1.0.3) Download Sasita source code v.1.0.3 Download Sasita

Paper Experiments

Below you can download a compressed file with all the networks and inputs used in our paper experiments.
Within this file you will also find the scripts used for running the method.

Download paper experiments Download paper experimentsDownload paper experiments
You can also find here the results obtained from our paper experiments.
Download paper results Download paper resultsDownload paper results